A new chapter

Quetiapine & Lithium will now be my new friends. mind altering drugs. We won’t know if they’re going to help in anyway nor do we know what the side effects will be or to what extreme. All we know is they’ve worked for other people in my ‘situation’. We just have to sit back, keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best… 

I’m prepared for a long hard battle to find the right dose that works for me. I say I’m prepared but how prepared can you be when walking head first into the unknown?! But I think I’m ready, i need to get better again not just for me or my health but  for the people around me who have been by my side throughout this. And if I owe anything to them it would be looking after myself and getting myself stable again, back to normal, If anyone knows what normal is. 

What is normal for me? I guess somewhere in the middle of both states. have I or will I ever be normal? I do not know…


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